A Note From the Director

My inspiration for Little Dove came from memories of growing up on a ranch near the Big Bend National Park. As children, we would play like we were Indians and this was our home. Family stories and some historical events were important evidence that my ancestors were a Cherokee woman who married William Matthew Babb, my great great grandfather. It was our dreams to be a part of the old West. It was beautiful and peaceful. It is my desire to share this with others. It was important to me that the cast be of Native American heritage as to honor the people that I have so much respect and admiration for.It was also very important to me that the film be as realistic as possible. The film is done in the original languages of Apache and Comanche with English subtitles. As with many cultures, the languages are being discouraged in order to conform to the masses, and as a result being lost. I truly hope “Little Dove” will transport you back to 1620 and immerse you in a spiritual feeling that will convey my love for these people and the desert.