The Cast


Indiana Adams as Little Dove

Born in Pisa, Italy to a Thai mother and a Sioux Indian father, she has been on stage performing since age three. As an adult, she has worked on several major productions including the motion picture, "Rent" and the television series "Friday Night Lights". Indiana trains with Van Brooks in Austin, Texas and is represented by Agence Talent. In addition to acting, she is a skilled writer, dancer, bass player, cheerleader, and cupcake baker. In her spare time, she enjoys teaching her miniature dachshund to do ridiculously cute tricks.

Mark A. Hernandez as Big Wolf
Mark A. Hernandez took up acting full time in Jan 2006 and in 18 months has earned over 30 credits in Film, TV, commercials, industrials and print. Mark loves to study and perfect his craft and sees the possibilities in acting as limitless as the universe. Mark has an adventurous spirit and has traveled on 4 continents. He is an avid athlete and is training for his first triathlon this fall. Mark practices Lakota ceremony, where he learned the sacred art of a fire keeper and earned the privilege of participating in a Lakota Sundance as a cedar man in 2005. Mark can be reached through his agent Acclaim Talent in Austin, Texas.


Joseph David as Running Bear

Joseph David also recently starred in “A Mexican Mafioso”, an independent feature film and performed in New York at a New Works Festival (musical).He is an opera singer and is currently working on a European opera, “Audition Tour” for Spring 2008.

John O'Dell as Talks Alot
John has portrayed Native Indians in several other projects: “The Legend of Ghostwolf”, “Warrior Maiden”, “AustInJun”, and in “The History of Bastrop”. He is continuing his studies of the Comanche language.He is currently in Wolfpak Alpha, a martial arts group and is playing a Ninja Assasin in “Fists of Chocolate”.