Date: January 23
Time: 2pm
Location: Wildhorse Suite - Duncan, Oklahoma
Q&A with Filmmakers Steve and Brandy Amstel
Nominated for Best Native American Film

Date: November 4
Time: 7pm
Location: Block 4 @ The Panida - Sandpoint, Idaho
Idaho Premiere

Event: 2008 Bootstrap Film Fest

Date: June 26
Time: 6-10:15
Location: Regal Arbor Cinema - Austin, TX
Q&A with filmmakers afterwards and Entrepreneurial workshop
Tickets available through Bside Entertainment

Event: PowerFlickers Short Film Showcase

Date: May 3
Time: 1:40pm
Location: Alamo Drafthouse/Ritz, 320 East 6th Street - Austin, TX

Event: Little Dove screens as part of the 2008 SXSW Reel Women Show case!!!

Date: March 9
Time: 6pm & 8pm
Location: The Hideout Coffeehouse & Theater, 617 Congress - Austin, TX
Q&A with filmmakers to follow screening


Check out reviews on and if you've already seen Little Dove share your experience of the film.

Here is what Sophia von Wrangell had to say about the movie.

Brandy Rainey’s Little Dove is a poetic short film with a very poignant story-line.
This is the story of a love made impossible by tradition. A beautiful and very sad love story narrated in images, without words: the lovers know there will be no resolution, their love is forbidden.

I really liked the use Brandy makes of the close-up and would have wanted to see more. The distance between the lovers is also brought forth through the use of color, and the color composition is superb. The moment when the warrior expresses his love for Little Dove, without words, is intensely dramatic and simply beautiful: here the cinematography is at its best, the narrative flows gently and the spectator’s heart is fully in Brandy’s grip.

The music takes you through a sentimental journey along incredible landscapes, and accentuates the story in a magical way.

The casting is perfect, and so are the costumes and make-up. The sound is clear like the skies of an incredible blue.

A very special feature of Little Dove is that it is spoken in Apache and Comanche: what a treat!
Do not forget to check out the extras in the DVD - the still photography is breath-taking!

Kudos to Brandy and a fantastic team!

Sophia von Wrangell

The Crew

Brandy Rainey – Writer/Director

Brandy Rainey is a native Texas. She has produced twelve narrative short films with a wide range of budgets and written and directed eight short films. She is renowned for completing her projects on budget and on time. Brandy likes to use film to entertain the audiences. What motivates Brandy is the deep desire to tell stories that are unique and powerful, while engaging the audience in a world that is outside of their experience. She prefers subjects you would be struck with as dramatic, character driven, with action and provocative situations and resolutions. Brandy would like to be known for creating beautiful, engaging, stories of our human existence. Brandy Rainey is a leader in the Austin film community and serves on the Board of Directors for Reel Women, a non-profit organization that supports women and others in film. She has been instrumental in building The Film Network, which is another local organization that brings actors and production teams together. She serves as the lead for the Bootstrap Austin Film Subgroup, which is a group of entrepreneurs exploring filmmaking using a Bootstrap approach. She is also a member of the Austin Film Society and the Texas Motion Picture Alliance. Brandy Rainey has spent the past several years building relationships with key industry professionals to fulfill on her dream of being a successful film director that helps others in the film industry have their dreams realized. She owns her own production company: Set It Off! Productions, which is expanding to Strapped Entertainment.

Steve Barcik – Writer/Executive Producer

Steve Barcik bought his first film book at ten and became fascinated with the art form. Later, he began making short films, hooked by the audience reaction; he found the best part of the process was working with so many dedicated, talented people. He says the most wonderful times of his life were when he was on set during production. Steve has written, directed, and/or produced many short films and concert/music video over the past 6 years. His projects have screened at MAFIA, Nudge Fest (Award), Reel Women at SXSW and METV. Steve is currently collaborating on features in development and production.

Paul Bhatia – Co-Producer/Grip/Behind the Scenes

Paul Bhatia is a small business owner and amateur filmmaker in Austin, Texas.

Matt Bizer – Director of Photography

Matt Bizer is a passionate, talented Cinematographer/Filmmaker. As a cinematographer and filmmaker, he wishes nothing more than to tell stories, and to help others tell their own stories – and tell them beautifully. He feels that there is nothing more inspiring than the collaborative and organic project, and it really shows in working with him. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the shot. Matt owns Willow Productions, a full-service film, TV, and web production firm.

Marian Bingaman – Assistant Director

Marian Bingaman has dedicated the last 10 years to film and video production with a background in television production, short film and independent film. Her own independent short film has been broadcast on Public Television. Her diverse experiences include directing, assistant directing, script and continuity supervising, to camera and editing making her an asset to our production team.

Garret Gray – Sound

Garret Gray was born to Immigrant Italian parents; he grew up in the tough streets of Hoboken, New Jersey doing what he could for a living. One day at 8 years old while rifling for food on a winter day, an old man put an 8mm camera in his hands and quickly fled away into the snow. Ever since, Garret has been unable to put the camera down or tear himself away from that inescapable vision that cold January day. Whether 8mm or high definition video. His career has taken him to Austin, Texas where he currently works and looks upon the old 8mm camera with fond memories and as an inspiration of dreams to come. Ok, the real one is this: As a graduate of FSU Film School, his career has landed him in many cities around the country. He’s worked on projects as a camera and lighting guy from New York to Miami and Washington State to Texas. Currently he makes his home in Austin where he wearsmany hats on the film set and has come to be a part of the music scene by filming bands, videos, and concerts while also working with on-location sound from time to time.

Tom Zinn – Stills Photographer

Tom Zinn started his photography career at the tender age of four in the serene farmland of Minnesota. His earliest subjects were cows, goats and tractors but he eventually included human subjects. Tom has been a full time photographer working for the last nine years, traveling the United States, South Pacific, Europe and Africa, proudly published in a variety of books and other publications ranging from The New York Times to the Rob Report. His portfolio spans a diverse client list such as BMW and Dell Computers; events such as the America’s Cup, Austin City Limits Music Festival, SXSW plus other extreme sports, fashion and travel assignments. “Tom’s photographic portfolio not only shows his considerable technical skills but his artistic ones as well…you owe it to yourself to see Zinn’s powerful photography.” – Joe Farace, Shutterbug Magazine, October 2000.

Available Merchandise

Original DVD -

Available on Amazon or IndieFlix (digital download)

DVD includes – A 12 minute version on the film and a 10 minute festival version with Bonus Materials. You’ll get clips of the Cast, clips of the Crew, and clips of the Scenic location. It also includes a trailer and “Behind the Scenes” video. You can request that it be signed by the director and personalized to someone. Just put your request in the notes section when ordering.

Black with Little Dove Logo centered on front, website on back.
Mens S-M-L-XL - $18 (plus shipping & handling)
Womens S-M-L - $18 (plus shipping & handling)
Mens XXL-XXXL - $20 (plus shipping & handling)

Just call 512-266-0224 to place your order. If you would like to pay by sending a check or money order, please contact us via email or call us with your order and we’ll get back to you with shipping and payment information.

Beautiful color photos of the location where Little Dove was shot as well as breathtaking photos of the cast portraying the characters.
Currently taking pre-orders, please email if interested.

Full Credits

“Little Dove”

Directed by
Brandy Rainey

Written by
Steve Barcik and Brandy Rainey

Executive Producer
Steve Barcik

Brandy Rainey and Steve Barcik

Paul Bhatia

Associate Producer
Michelle Andrews
Karen Goodell

Director of Photography
Matt Bizer


Little Dove
Indiana Adams
Big Wolf
Mark A. Hernandez

Running Bear
Joe David

Talks Alot
John O’Dell


Marian Bingaman

Script Supervisor
Marian Bingaman

Key Grip
Paul Bhatia

Garret Gray

Stills Photographer
Tom Zinn

Production Assistant
Paul Bhatia

Costume Design
Paige Hearn
Norman Hearn


S.B. Amstel

Phillip Drake

John Necaise

Adam Moroz

Snake Wrangler
Tim Cole
Austin Reptile Service

Apache Translation by
Loree Belin Marin

Comanche Language Courtesy Of
Comanche Nation Language Immersion Department
Tomah Yeahquo

Comanche Translation by
Mr. Yackeschi

Casting by
Tanya Ortega

Edited by
Brandy Rainey and Steve Barcik

Licensed Material
Daniel Zatz/Footage Search

Special Effects
TexFX and Gary Walker

Music Composed by
Eric Doggett

Additional Music by
Cody LittleHawk Swimmer

"Spirit Journey"
Written and Performed by
Cody Little Hawk Swimmer
Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved
Bear Mountain Records

"Can You Hear"
Written and Performed by
Cody Little Hawk Swimmer
Copyright 2005 All Rights Reserved
Bear Mountain Records

"All There Is Around Us"
Written and Performed by
Cody Little Hawk Swimmer
Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved
Bear Mountain Records

©2007 Set It Off! Productions


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