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Here is what Sophia von Wrangell had to say about the movie.

Brandy Rainey’s Little Dove is a poetic short film with a very poignant story-line.
This is the story of a love made impossible by tradition. A beautiful and very sad love story narrated in images, without words: the lovers know there will be no resolution, their love is forbidden.

I really liked the use Brandy makes of the close-up and would have wanted to see more. The distance between the lovers is also brought forth through the use of color, and the color composition is superb. The moment when the warrior expresses his love for Little Dove, without words, is intensely dramatic and simply beautiful: here the cinematography is at its best, the narrative flows gently and the spectator’s heart is fully in Brandy’s grip.

The music takes you through a sentimental journey along incredible landscapes, and accentuates the story in a magical way.

The casting is perfect, and so are the costumes and make-up. The sound is clear like the skies of an incredible blue.

A very special feature of Little Dove is that it is spoken in Apache and Comanche: what a treat!
Do not forget to check out the extras in the DVD - the still photography is breath-taking!

Kudos to Brandy and a fantastic team!

Sophia von Wrangell